Red Dot Pistol Course

Red Dot Pistol Course

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Red Dot Pistol Course – 717 Armory

This Red Dot Pistol Course covers all aspects of transitioning to a slide-mounted, red dot sight and equips the students with the skills necessary to do so effectively.  With this tactical pistol course, we will discuss the relevant technical issues, optics, mounting, holsters, and common maintenance issues.

We will fire a variety of drills designed to ease the transition from conventional sights, enhance dot acquisition speed, dot tracking through recoil and lateral transitions.  The strengths of the RDS platform will be highlighted, and the training will also include mitigation of common issues related to the RDS.

Students will learn red dot fundamentals, drill obscured window, dot failure, and other potential problems.

Students should have at minimum excellent safe gun handling skills and a firm understanding of the firearms safety rules.

RDS Course Gear list

Required Equipment & Ammunition

➢ RDS Equipped Handgun
➢ Minimum of 2 magazines. If under 10 rounds capacity, minimum 3
➢ 150 rounds of handgun ammunition
➢Quality holster made of kydex or leather. (No serpa or collapsible holsters)
➢ Hearing & Eye Protection (also available for rent)
➢ Appropriate Range Attire
➢ Note taking materials

Dress Code:
Pants, belt, rubber-soled shoes or boots and a t-shirt

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