HR218 LEOSA Qualification Class

HR218 LEOSA Qualification Class

From: $60.00

HR218/Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA)

Course Duration:   2.0 hours

Fee:                            $60.00

Participants are required to bring:

  • 100 rounds of factory ammunition to suit each personal firearm
  • The firearm(s) they will be carrying as a retired officer ($60.00 for first firearm, $15.00 for any additional firearm)
  • Holster (do not recommend shoulder rigs)
  • Agency issued retired ID card
  • PA Driver’s license

717 Instructors are registered with MPOETC and the PA State Police and are certified by the PA State Police and the National Rifle Association.  Instructors are former military and are retired law enforcement officers.

Instructors will require all individuals to produce proper identification prior to shooting the qualification course of fire and sign a PA Retired Officer Concealed Carry Acknowledgement Form.  

Participants will need to comply with all range rules and regulations of 717 Armory while in attendance of the qualification.

This course is for Retired Law Enforcement personnel only. Upon successful completion of this course the retired officer will be able to travel in all fifty states with the type of handgun they qualified with.

717’s course will take approximately one and a half hours to complete. Topics that will be discussed will include 717 policies, weapon safety on the range and at home, responsibilities retired officers and of  the course of fire. We will review the HR-218 requirements of the Federal Bill so you know what is expected of you when carrying your weapon out of state. Participants will then go into the range for the qualification. After successfully completing the qualification course,  a retired identification card will be issued to the retired officer.  The officer will then be required to produce the issued retired ID card to the sheriff of the county in which they reside with a $5.00 money order made payable to the Commonwealth of PA.  The sheriff will then validate the issued card that was presented and give back to the officer.