Archery Den

717 Armory has a 25-yard indoor archery range and a full-service archery shop with accessories for all your compound and crossbow needs. Led by Steelton native, Dave Mohn, and his staff brings over a decade of personal archery experience and expertise.

From Strings and Cables, D-loops and Peep Sights, to Quivers and Kisser Buttons – the 717 Armory Archery Shop has the tools, experience, and expertise you’re looking for in a pro shop.

We also install:

  •  Custom strings and cables

  • Sights

  • Rest and drop rest

  • Eliminator/silencers

  • Paper tune

  • Tune and Lube

  • Arrow Cutting

Bow / Crossbow Setup

Free setup on any bow or crossbow bought in-store!

Indoor Archery Range

It’s that time of year folks! Come on into the Archery Den and get immersed into Bow Season with the latest in Archery gear and dial in your shot on our 25 yard indoor archery lanes.

  • 25 yards 4 lanes

  • Bigshot Tournament series backstop

  • Nice targets

  • 3 spot

  • 3-D targets

  • Bullseye targets

  • Floating ping-pong target