Handgun 103

Handgun 103

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Movement equals life.

This is not only true in our daily routines, but also in a violent encounter. In our Handgun 103 course we focus on the fundamentals of drawing from concealment, moving off of the “X” and engaging multiple threats. Violent encounters only last a few seconds, make them count.

Prerequisites: Handgun 101/102 or equivalent.

4-Hour instructional class designed for Intermediate Level Shooters, who have completed 717 Armory’s 101 & 102 Class or equivalent.  Class shall be held in our Education Center and 50-Yard Range.  Participants are required to bring closed-toe shoes to participate.  717 Armory also recommends water for hydration purposes.

Important: open-toed shoes are not permitted in the range. If you attend class in open-toed shoes, you will not have an opportunity to shoot during your seminar.