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The Importance of Firearms Safety Courses

Firearms Safety – Why It Is Essential

Many individuals have a keen interest in firearms. Regardless of the political climate, many wish to know how to safely and effectively operate a firearm. Many cases have been reported on the news of negligent discharges which have resulted in some instances of injury or death to an innocent bystander. Firearms safety courses are designed to teach everyday people with no experience handling firearms on how to safely operate, fire, and store firearms. Each state has very different legislation in place regarding firearms. This can include transport of firearms, storage, where and when they can be fired, as well as what types of firearms can be owned by citizens.

Regardless of if you are interested in purchasing your first firearm or simply want the education of operating them in the case you may one day need to, firearms training of any level through trained instructors is very important. In these controlled environments, people with no experience can be safely walked through everything they need to know regarding firearms.

What You Will Be Taught- The 4 Golden Rules

Across the country, all firearms training courses will train every individual on the four golden rules, which apply anytime a firearm is being handled.

1. ALWAYS treat a firearm as is it is loaded

By treating every firearm as if it is loaded, even if you think it is not, this will almost always prevent accidents, keeping everyone safe.

2. ALWAYS point a firearm in a safe direction

This goes without saying, if the firearm is always pointed somewhere safe, there is minimal chance of anyone getting hurt in the case of someone accidentally firing.

3. ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until you intend to shoot the firearm.

This is a common sense rule which many inexperienced individuals constantly break is the main cause for most misfires. If your finger is not on the trigger, the weapon will simply not fire. This rule is something which takes training to make into muscle memory for many people.

4. ALWAYS understand what you are shooting and what is beyond it

Bullets are very fast projectiles. Many can penetrate surfaces which are not considered by a person firing. For example, household drywall does little to stop a bullet. Just because you can not see beyond the wall, doesn’t mean an innocent person may lay beyond it.

Your instructor will go much more in depth with you on the details of each of these important rules and how they apply to everyday firearms use

Getting Hands on Experience with a Firearm

The best way one can familiarize themselves with a firearm is by getting the ability to get their hands on it and understand its function. A common reason for misfires and negligent discharges is individuals do not understand how a firearm operates. It may seem simple to someone with no experience handling them but once a person is put face to face with one, their presumed knowledge of it quickly fades.

Most, if not all firearms safety courses give people the much-needed hands-on experience of learning how to safely load, unload, handle, and fire a firearm. This precious experience will carry throughout a person’s life, allowing them to educate others and when put in a situation where they may find a loaded firearm, they can confidently and safely operate it, keeping those around them safe.

What Else Will I Learn

Many training courses will educate people on the laws of the state they are receiving the training in as well as what to consider when transporting firearms across state lines, etc. Some states actually require a firearms safety course, and in some cases, a meeting with the local police department, just to receive a firearms license.

Other states do not require licenses at all to purchase a firearm. Regardless, it is always highly suggested to take one of these courses as it can save your life, the lives of those around you, and prepare you for the chance you come in a situation where firearms must be handled.

Firearms training is extremely important and is something which should be taught regardless of if a person plans on purchasing a firearm. Taking one of these courses can be of great value in a person’s future safety.

If you have any questions about Firearms Safety Courses, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly staff here at 717 Armory, and fire away!

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